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Cover Color Map Of The Southern Sky
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Color Map Of The Southern Sky (2010)

Tracks: 1. Over The Moors; 2. H. Wood; 3. Dark Blood, Twilight Skin; 4. Mist On The River; 5. Fall #1; 6. The Long Run; 7. For/From You My Love; 8. At Sundown; 9. Tales From The Dark Seas; 10. In A Day; 11. Lady Of The Snow; 12. South Of No North; 13. Enter The Cold

Free downloads: Over The Moors; Dark Blood, Twilight Skin; Fall #1

Released by My First Sonny Weissmuller Records

Cover Praise The Twilight Sparrow ep

Praise The TWilight Sparrow - ep (2007)

Tracks: 1. Get There If You Can; 2. The Ghost Tonight; 3. South Of No North; 4. On Our Way